Power Transmission & Generation Projects

The WIA is engaged in “Pioneering Transmission Expansion” in the West

New Transmission: Transmission is the critical link between generation facilities and customer markets. Over 12,000 megawatts of transmission capacity originating in Wyoming and connecting with major population centers in the West is under development, representing potentially more than $12 billion in investments in transmission and an equivalent amount in generation facilities. See the summary of each of the six (6) transmission projects under development in the State as well as a map below.

Markets: The transmission projects under development, if built, will serve markets in most of the Western Interconnect.

Where Transmission and Generation Meet: The Wyoming Infrastructure Authority (WIA) has been active since 2005 in furthering its charter by participating in and encouraging the strategic development of new transmission facilities to satisfy demand in strategic load centers in targeted area in the West.

Environmentally sensitive: The Wyoming Governor’s Office, in coordination with State and Federal agencies, has recently mapped environmental constraints for wind development in all portions of the state reported by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to have Class 4 or better winds. Three categories of environmental constraints are mapped including areas with no identified environmental conflicts (green), areas with significant conflicts (pink) and areas where wind development is likely precluded (red). A full explanation of the criteria used to develop the mapping categories is contained in the map legend. You may download the map which contains such legend. Download here

On August 18, 2010, Governor Freudenthal issued Executive order 2010-4 which, among 16 other provisions, established transmission corridors to construct significant new transmission infrastructure to transport electricity generated in Wyoming to out-of-state load centers. You may download the map and the order Here


Map of the current projects under development

Mapping the transmission process in Wyoming by TetraTech

TetraTech was commissioned by the WIA to map the transmission permitting process for Wyoming. The Wyoming Renewable Energy Coordination Committee (RECC) coordinated the work. This same effort is currently being undertaken by the Western Governors’ Association for both the federal permitting process as well as the processes of the other states which have named Rapid Response Transmission Team projects. Tom Schroeder, Program Principal for the Industrial Siting Division of Wyoming’s Department of Environmental Quality served as the RECC team lead for this important effort.  Download here

-Detail on individual Transmission Projects: Click Here


Generation Projects either recently completed or under active development include:

Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy Project: Power Company of Wyoming LLC’s Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy Project is an up to 1,000-turbine wind farm to be located south of Sinclair and Rawlins in Carbon County, Wyoming. The project’s long-term surface disturbance will be less than 2,000 acres of a 320,000-acre ranch owned and operated by an affiliate company. With up to 3,000 megawatts of clean energy, the project will ensure a reliable, cost-effective supply of renewable electricity that’s unmatched in the West. This output will help America reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, diversify energy sources and meet growing demand for renewable energy. At the same time, the wind project will generate hundreds of good jobs, millions of dollars in tax revenue and other economic benefits for Carbon County.

Pathfinder Wind Energy Project: This 2,000 MW plus wind project is located in Platte County, Wyoming and includes a newly announced energy storage component in Utah. The wind project incorporates over 150,000 acres of private leases encompassing more than 100 ranching and land owner partners. Baseline wind data gathered throughout the project area represent some of the strongest and most consistent winds in the nation. Combine this critical characteristic with a lack of significant environmental and cultural resources, and Pathfinder’s commitment to environmental sustainability, and you have one of the most creative power production projects in the world.

Cheyenne Prairie Generation Station: The 132-megawatt natural gas-fired facility is five miles southeast of downtown Cheyenne and includes three natural-gas fired combustion turbine generators – one simple cycle combustion turbine generator owned by Cheyenne Light, and one combined cycle block owned by Cheyenne Light and Black Hills Power – two heat recovery steam generators and one steam turbine generator.