The WIA is engaged in diversifying and expanding Wyoming’s economy by adding value to Wyoming’s vast energy resources and infrastructure for the benefit of Wyoming and beyond.

Bonding Authority

The Wyoming Infrastructure Authority is tasked with diversifying and growing the State’s economy. In addition, we have $1 billion in bonding authority for energy infrastructure.

Abundant Energy

Wyoming is second to none in the U.S. when it comes to energy resources:

  • #1 in Coal; Bentonite; Trona; and Uranium
  • #2 in Rare Earth minerals
  • #3 in Natural Gas
  • #7 in Crude Oil
  • #13 in Wind generation

Our economic development programs and policies are developer friendly while being environmentally sensitive.

There are a number of projects/activities in which the WIA is engaged. Such includes much the horizon of energy development in Wyoming as detailed in the following categories below.

Power Transmission & Generation Projects
The WIA is engaged in “Pioneering Transmission Expansion” in the… more

Coal Export Activity of interest to Wyoming
During the 2014 Wyoming Legislative Session, HB 147 was introduced… more

CCUS; IGCC; and other Advanced Fuel Technology Projects
Advanced Fuel Technologies are an integral part of the more